UK Partner Applications

Our team of immigration practitioners can help you with a wide range of UK partner applications, which include UK Spouse Visas, UK Unmarried Partner Visas, and UK Fiancé Visas.


With our help, this visa will allow you to live in the UK with your legal spouse. The wife or husband of a British national or settled person is permitted to apply leave on a route to permanent UK residency through this visa.

Njomane Law will assist you in creating a new application, extending a current application, or appealing a UK Spouse Visa that was refused on human right grounds.


An Unmarried Partner Visa gives unmarried partners of settled persons or British nationals the ability to apply for leave leading to permanent residency. To be eligible for this application, unmarried partners must have lived with their partners for more than two years.


This visa permits an individual to enter the UK with the purpose of marrying their British fiancé within 6 months of their visit visa. After the marriage has taken place, we will help you switch over to a UK Spouse Visa, ensuring you will remain in the UK with your new spouse.


To be an eligible applicant for any of the aforementioned UK partner applications, the following criteria must be met:

  • The couple must proof that the relationship is genuine and subsisting
  • The couple must intend to live with one another permanently
  • The couple must have met one another
  • The sponsor must have a minimum of £62,500 in savings or earn a minimum annual salary of £18,600 unless they are on disability Allownce
  • An applicant must be self-supported or have a partner capable of supporting them without the need to access public funds
  • There must be adequate accommodation in place for the applicant
  • All applicants must meet the UK’s English Language requirement

Based in Luton and serving all of the UK and the world, we look forward to helping you enjoy a lasting and loving relationship with your partner here in the UK. Contact Njomane Law to discuss any and all of your UK partner application questions and concerns.